Nothing beats a good cover...

This is a gift to anyone who sees it, from me. (& Bon Iver & his new album). But, I have to explain that covers of songs I secretly belt at the top of my lungs by artists I love seem to justify my eclectic and at times embarrassing music choices. Bonnie Rait can't be topped, but for me the magnificence here is about the combination of 2 things that I adore separately anyway...hope you enjoy as well.

Other good combos like these that quickly pop into my head:
If I Were a Boy :: Reba McEntire
Wonderwall :: Cat Power
Your Song :: Ewan McGregor
Cheesecake :: frozen yogurt. (you can apply it to more than songs)

You have any faves?


new vintage-esque glasses. My mom didn't wear glasses til she got old (sorry mom), but I really think I look like her in this picture. A compliment to myself ;) (not that looking like dad isn't a compliment, but I suppose there are always mixed feelings when people tell a grown woman she looks JUST like their father)

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Indie Market FRIDAY!

I LOVE this month's poster--a very good representation of what the market looks like. 
If you're a local folk-al, we're pleased to offer 20% off anything in the shop, for pick-up at the market!

Out-of-towner? enjoy 20% off one item in the shop (through Sunday Aug. 7th)  & we'll just have to ship...