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This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the dream home renovation of Ashley and Andy Vaughn. Their 1903 Huntsville, Alabama home has been a labor of love since the couple purchased it from Andy’s father in 2006. Their homey style incorporates second-hand treasures, old records, six cozy fireplaces, three cats and one cockatiel.

(note that AWESOME record player--a great feature for us Gremlinaians, and all of the items in this set are things we love. we have the identical matryoshka set and play with it often!)

(this is nearly identical to the kitchen Drew & I had as newlyweds. We lived in a really old apartment/efficiency that was approximately 450 square feet, we were in love--fortunately. Between sharing one bathroom, living over main street in the town we attended college, and having visitors at all hours of the night--we learned a LOT about each other very quickly. I'll find a photo my photographer friend took of that kitchen and post it later--the similarities are uncanny!)

(nothing beats a great vintage tablecloth for changing the atmosphere!)

(chenille bedspread? yes. blue-ish walls? yes. bits of popping color? uh-huh.)

(OH! one day I'm going to have a house in which I will let the wall paper hang! there are so many great options now--I remember spending hours in wall paper shops with my mom trying to pick the perfect thing and florals and fruits were about the only option. Thank goodness we've progressed!)
(This was a lovely interview with Christine, a very familiar Etsy face. We were honored to have a piece that fits her style and her taste reaffirmed our own--it's good. Eclectic and colorful, vintage and modern, rustic and contemporary; decorate with pieces you love and it will come together. Don't get stuck in a theme or a style, just use what you're drawn to!)


the Vintage Furniture Scene

sweet pair of rattan and faux bamboo bedside tables sold a few weeks ago.

I love furniture. I love rearranging it, finding new pieces, enjoying them for a bit and re-selling it to buy something different. For a long time it's been a 'problem' of mine--just ask my husband. Thank goodness for finding outlets! Thanks to my booth spot at the Handmade Emporium, I've met a lot of others with a similar quirk. It's awesome to chat with other vintage-lovers in person, creatives with a keen eye for a retro-gem...and to be encouraged.      
*stereo/record console still available.

 Well, the point is, we're selling more furniture which has been intimidating before now. Mid Century, Hollywood Regency, Country, Deco, and on and on. What I like, I buy and I sell. While I'm not a big fan of refinishing I'm beginning to learn that it's doesn't have to be the drudgery I've always considered it to be, but I'm genuinely more interested in preserving the original intent of most pieces--the look and feel the designer meant it to have--than repainting or even recovering. However, sometimes there's no hope of having a functional piece without some major clean-up...
All that said, I'm learning as I go and gleaning information about furniture sales and resales from some pretty awesome folks that I've managed to surround myself with. My mother (who started this visionary training when I was but a wee lass), some sweet friends who brain storm and teach me without asking for much in return, and a little thing most folks call the 'internet'.
(brass/glass shelf: SOLD)

For those of you interested in what comes from Gremlina Vintage, skip on over to the facebook page. We'll list most things there first and foremost. From vintage audio equipment to make an audiophile drool to some sleekly lined chairs and back to a store-it-all hutch to make yer grandma green with envy, we'll have it. So, check it. AND. We will ship or deliver, so shop. Whether you're in Greensboro, NC, Brooklyn, NY, Memphis, TN, Austin, TX or anywhere--shop.
(*danish chairs Available HERE)


Nothing beats a good cover...

This is a gift to anyone who sees it, from me. (& Bon Iver & his new album). But, I have to explain that covers of songs I secretly belt at the top of my lungs by artists I love seem to justify my eclectic and at times embarrassing music choices. Bonnie Rait can't be topped, but for me the magnificence here is about the combination of 2 things that I adore separately anyway...hope you enjoy as well.

Other good combos like these that quickly pop into my head:
If I Were a Boy :: Reba McEntire
Wonderwall :: Cat Power
Your Song :: Ewan McGregor
Cheesecake :: frozen yogurt. (you can apply it to more than songs)

You have any faves?


new vintage-esque glasses. My mom didn't wear glasses til she got old (sorry mom), but I really think I look like her in this picture. A compliment to myself ;) (not that looking like dad isn't a compliment, but I suppose there are always mixed feelings when people tell a grown woman she looks JUST like their father)

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Indie Market FRIDAY!

I LOVE this month's poster--a very good representation of what the market looks like. 
If you're a local folk-al, we're pleased to offer 20% off anything in the shop, for pick-up at the market!

Out-of-towner? enjoy 20% off one item in the shop (through Sunday Aug. 7th)  & we'll just have to ship...



Don't you have a QRC?

Not sure why I think this is so incredibly sweet, but I do. Go ahead. Scan it.
make your own here.


I want to be a shop owner

Thank goodness for Etsy. It's worlds more exciting than selling on Ebay--if you ask me. You constantly feel surrounded by the universe's coolest people and their handmade our searched out one of a kind goods. I really like being a part of that.
sweet granny shoes--my first vintage sale on Etsy in 2009
I'm thankful that I had a place to start creating a shop and selling the things I find and have a passion for. Vintage is in my blood and it's difficult to imagine a life not being on-the-hunt for some sweet artifact or amazing trash/treasure. So, thanks Etsy.
BUT. In my blood is also the craving to meet and motivate people. Matching people with things they love, and that give them joy on any level is thrilling for me. Thrilling. And, while there is some sense of this connection when a sale is made via our online shop, that face to face experience is a wee bit more complete.
If the shoe fits. If the dress flatters. If the retro owl clock will go perfectly with a kitchen's decor. The smile and glimmer in a person's eye when a match is made--can't be beat. We all win. The junkyard is spared a little room, I may earn a few dollars, and someone goes home with a product that pleases...this is good.
Here is the passion I have; like that of a matchmaker. I see things and just know that its home is waiting. I have accrued quite a lot on my own, not to mention the overflow at my mother's house...and I'm anxious to have a store. I'm anxious to have a meeting place for these great things. Our local Indie Market has been a fix once a month for these past 2 years, but I want more! Tell me, is this incredible to ask? That this stay-at-home mama of 3 (one merely 9 weeks) have a humble little shop?
This post is just to throw it out into the universe, not that it isn't already there. There are many things I want to do in my life: a little farming, a lot of loving, and a little store. That about sums it up.
**all these images are of sales over the last 3 years.**


First Friday THIS week.

Friday is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL, and we'll have some BEAUTIFUL sights to see, so make a plan to visit the Indie Market & tell your friends!


A Giveaway for the Garden

a little organic greenhouse flower selection is being given away here by yours truly!
Stop in and leave a comment...


Indie Market of Greensboro

On April 1st we'll have the first First Friday Indie Market of the year--no foolin'!
The poster came out a few days ago & Gremlina got a little feature--awesome.
'Yes We Can' inspiration is always nice before one of these events! We LOVE being down there, meeting people, spreading the vintage love and seeing what other great vendors are about, but it's not an easy venture--we do a lot of working, too...come & see how the 'work' pays off!

Speaking of which, we added our recent 'mint julep ensemble' as a listing for just the dress--check that out. And, we've been steadily adding new and exciting merchandise. Get on over & check it:


Inspired by Green and Piecing Together Vintage

We've steadily been collecting vintage for a long time, but today an ensemble was born from simple pieces that just kept arriving on our mannequin. 
I believe the combination is just lovely...you?
All Together Now.
aren't these shoes magical?

Mint Green Delight--empire waisted, full length, zippered back, size 6
Lancaster natural color, full brim, sun shading 100% wool, Made in USA.
Quilted brown suede shell, zippered pockets, lots of storage, neutral and useful.
Serenades by Florsheim, Nutmeg Brown leather, 2.5" heel, size 7
Golden bling, 3 chain, choker to 20" length.
::Purchase the Ensemble for 40% off ($84)::
::2 pieces or more 20% off total::

Claim it by Email! We'll quickly send a Paypal invoice, just include your address.