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I want to be a shop owner

Thank goodness for Etsy. It's worlds more exciting than selling on Ebay--if you ask me. You constantly feel surrounded by the universe's coolest people and their handmade our searched out one of a kind goods. I really like being a part of that.
sweet granny shoes--my first vintage sale on Etsy in 2009
I'm thankful that I had a place to start creating a shop and selling the things I find and have a passion for. Vintage is in my blood and it's difficult to imagine a life not being on-the-hunt for some sweet artifact or amazing trash/treasure. So, thanks Etsy.
BUT. In my blood is also the craving to meet and motivate people. Matching people with things they love, and that give them joy on any level is thrilling for me. Thrilling. And, while there is some sense of this connection when a sale is made via our online shop, that face to face experience is a wee bit more complete.
If the shoe fits. If the dress flatters. If the retro owl clock will go perfectly with a kitchen's decor. The smile and glimmer in a person's eye when a match is made--can't be beat. We all win. The junkyard is spared a little room, I may earn a few dollars, and someone goes home with a product that pleases...this is good.
Here is the passion I have; like that of a matchmaker. I see things and just know that its home is waiting. I have accrued quite a lot on my own, not to mention the overflow at my mother's house...and I'm anxious to have a store. I'm anxious to have a meeting place for these great things. Our local Indie Market has been a fix once a month for these past 2 years, but I want more! Tell me, is this incredible to ask? That this stay-at-home mama of 3 (one merely 9 weeks) have a humble little shop?
This post is just to throw it out into the universe, not that it isn't already there. There are many things I want to do in my life: a little farming, a lot of loving, and a little store. That about sums it up.
**all these images are of sales over the last 3 years.**