Inventory Update

Moving into the New Year I see the vintage business morphing into something...not sure what, but who wants to label anything, or set limitations?
American of Martinsville Triple Dresser set available here through 1.4.13
The warehouse is messy now, but about once a month we clean it up and make it a relatively enjoyable place to shop and peruse.

Here are a few shots of the warehouse that include items that are still available for purchase. You're always invited to visit the 'for sale' album for more of our available furniture options, and Gremlina.com for an eclectic variety of vintage home, fashion and furnishings.
 Record Player Console--working with original instructions and audio input for iPod playing
 broyhill style credenza or dresser, matching midcentury pottery lamps, ship art...
 clothing, farmhouse style table, hoosier, boots, gowns...
Metal Based Tulip table with oval top--desk or dining table. 
silver detailed metal top aviator steampunk style credenza.

vintage advertising

housewares and accessories


How that became this: The tale of a vintage sofa who wanted to be loved once more.

So, for some of us it's difficult to have the vision of re-finishing. For some of us it's not. Let's sit back and let one piece of furniture inspire us all. (thanks to my sweet customer who had the notion to face lift this guy, and a few others as well).
note the lines. and the tufting. the bones are really good.
and after! changes:
-new upholstery (obviously)
-no legs
-one cushion along bottom
-beautiful new welting that reinforces the great shape. 
amazing. This piece is a great example of how you can get a fantastic custom piece from a well built piece of furniture that has years of life left. the price? well, a fraction of what you'd get for a similar quality new custom sofa.


Sitting Down with Vintage Style

hollywood regency tufted sitting chair
avocado green tufted highback crushed velvet chair. $145 as is, $325 reupholstered (with your fabric) 
tufted backed, caned arms matching pair. as is $325, reupholstered $700 (with your fabric) 
retro orange high end chairs
*gulp* these are great Heritage caned chair set, amazing. $340 as is, $690 reupholstered (with your fabric)
vintage retro couch
gold mid century tufted sofa. As is: $300 Reupholstered: $500 (with your fabric)


Hoosier Refinishing

I've got my crack-team all set and moving on the refinishing of this new piece. Will be $1500 when completed--catch us quickly and have it custom refinished to fit your style.
ah if only this guy would fit in my space. alas--i must simply play a part in its finding of a great home. can you imagine the years of joy that comes with this? the pies that have cooled on those wire racks? the flour sifted? emmmm. old furniture is WAY better than new--imho. ;-)


the Vintage Warehouse

We're open by appointment, with some pre-scheduled work days (check back for those).

here are some sneak peeks.
Broyhill Premier Emphasis coffee table or console with white tufted sofa.
 tufted cozy sitting chair by Rowe near 30s era radio (SOLD) +side shot of a swell ikat sitter.
red striped throne chair, caned dining set, faux bamboo table trio (sofa table SOLD). 
Naugahyde black seamed chair pair, white tufted hollywood regency couch and broyhill premier table (mid century lamps with shades--2 in the set) 
pair of european slatted seats, Drexel tufted round arm sofa, drexel barrel back club chair and a single industrial style modern office chair in orange. 
classy blonde art deco 30s era bedroom suite, caned sitting chair, and coordinating lounge chairs
faux bamboo and brass credenza hutch, farmhouse style armoire, sweet blue sitter and more. 
Make time to come and see for yourself, plus loads of great vintage clothing and accessories.


Mid Century Chairs

Adding this adorably classic mid century Rowe chair to our 'for sale' line-up.
Shipping available, purchase through facebook ($185). Loads more available sweetness here.