the Vintage Furniture Scene

sweet pair of rattan and faux bamboo bedside tables sold a few weeks ago.

I love furniture. I love rearranging it, finding new pieces, enjoying them for a bit and re-selling it to buy something different. For a long time it's been a 'problem' of mine--just ask my husband. Thank goodness for finding outlets! Thanks to my booth spot at the Handmade Emporium, I've met a lot of others with a similar quirk. It's awesome to chat with other vintage-lovers in person, creatives with a keen eye for a retro-gem...and to be encouraged.      
*stereo/record console still available.

 Well, the point is, we're selling more furniture which has been intimidating before now. Mid Century, Hollywood Regency, Country, Deco, and on and on. What I like, I buy and I sell. While I'm not a big fan of refinishing I'm beginning to learn that it's doesn't have to be the drudgery I've always considered it to be, but I'm genuinely more interested in preserving the original intent of most pieces--the look and feel the designer meant it to have--than repainting or even recovering. However, sometimes there's no hope of having a functional piece without some major clean-up...
All that said, I'm learning as I go and gleaning information about furniture sales and resales from some pretty awesome folks that I've managed to surround myself with. My mother (who started this visionary training when I was but a wee lass), some sweet friends who brain storm and teach me without asking for much in return, and a little thing most folks call the 'internet'.
(brass/glass shelf: SOLD)

For those of you interested in what comes from Gremlina Vintage, skip on over to the facebook page. We'll list most things there first and foremost. From vintage audio equipment to make an audiophile drool to some sleekly lined chairs and back to a store-it-all hutch to make yer grandma green with envy, we'll have it. So, check it. AND. We will ship or deliver, so shop. Whether you're in Greensboro, NC, Brooklyn, NY, Memphis, TN, Austin, TX or anywhere--shop.
(*danish chairs Available HERE)